Olympic Solidarity/OCA Regional Forum held in Uzbekistan and Indonesia.

The 2015 Olympic Solidarity/OCA Regional Forum was held from November 24-25 in Tashkent, Uzbekistan,
and from November 28-29 in Jakarta, Indonesia.

These forums were co-hosted by OCA and the Olympic Solidarity whose aim is to provide assistance for the
National Olympic Committees (NOCs), especially those in need of help in athlete development, training of coaches etc.

During the forums, progress reports were made by the Organising Committees of the Rio Olympics and of the Asian
Beach Games held in Vietnam in 2016.

Sapporo Asian Winter Games Organising Committee (SAWGOC) made a progress report in both forums, and
exchanged opinions with each NOCs about the current situation of winter sports and their plans to participate in
the Sapporo Asian Winter Games in 2017. SAWGOC also promoted the Games in the PR booth set up in the venues.

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