Here are newsletters (PDF version) of 2017 Sapporo Asian Winter Games published by the organising committee.

  • NL_en10

    AWG news Vol.10

    label pdf 723KB

  • NL9

    AWG news Vol.9

    label pdf 1550KB

  • NL_EN

    AWG news Vol.8

    label pdf 1538KB

  • NL_E7

    AWG news Vol.7

    label pdf 2396KB

  • NEWSLETTER Vol.6(小)

    AWG news Vol.6

    label pdf 2483KB

  • Vol.5

    AWG news Vol.5

    label pdf 2091KB

  • AWG_vol04

    AWG news Vol.4

    label pdf 1533KB

  • AWG Newsletter Vol.3

    AWG news Vol.3

    label pdf 871KB

  • AWG Newsletter Vol.2

    AWG news Vol.2

    label pdf 903KB

  • AWG_vol1

    AWG news Vol.1

    label pdf 1109KB